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Belief and Practice in Islam


Islam has many beliefs and is a religion of faith; faith in the oneness of God and in Prophet Mohammed. A number of beliefs work in Islam. There are also Islamic traditions that ensure these beliefs bring about the right practices to the fore. This is displayed by the followers of the religion.


Faith in God and his commands is at the back of every Muslim’s mind. Allah is one and Islam which means supplication or submission to God, is the only way known to a Muslim. The faith also says that there is no one like Him the God and He does not resemble anyone or is equal to anyone. Belief and faith are the core of the religion and this is all about Allah. Belief in the resurrection, in Quran, and in after-life is common.


Based on these faiths or beliefs most of the practices are laid out. The practice starts with a prayer that has to be said five times a day. It comes out of the faith that a true Muslim has in his God. The practice is listed out in Hadiths as viewed by a number of people who lived by the Prophet. This is the case with one of his wives who gave over 1000 hadiths. Practices were more an outcome in the form of Hadiths from various scholars. However, these were representations of the Quranic verses.


While the Quran was the ultimate revelation of God’s thoughts to mankind, the Hadiths were the practices that were observed in the Prophet Mohammed. In the case of the Quran, the teachings were more of beliefs and faiths. This ensured that the teachings in Quran are really faith decrees that one could propose and the Hadiths are the ones that the Prophet has followed.