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Cell Organelles and Their Role in Human Body

The human body consists of cells – its smallest units made out of cell organelles. It is a tiny structure that resembles an organ with or without a membrane that predetermines its function. Comparing the cell to a factory allows one to gain a better understanding of the functions that each component has and connections between elements of organelles. This paper will outline the roles of organelles in the human body.

The membrane, a crucial component of the cell, is responsible for allowing materials to be transported inside and outside of the actual cell and provides shape to this component. Due to this function, it can be compared to a shipping department in an enterprise together with Golgi Bodies. Cytoplasm allows metabolic processes to occur within a cell and can be compared to the factory floor (“Cellular Organelles and Structure”). Nucleolus can be considered a Chief Executive officer of the plant because this element contains DNA and RNA information. Thus, it controls the division activity and genetic characteristics of a cell. Mitochondria are usually compared to the power plant because its primary responsibility is to transform one form of energy into another. It functions autonomously and contains its DNA information. In addition, this element is capable of storing energy from adenosine triphosphate molecules.

Lysosomes perform the process of breaking down the materials left in a cell, similar to the cleaning crew. Ribosomes can be compared to employees in a factory because they build the proteins, the critical element required for adequate cell functioning. Overall, the structure and functions of organelles in the human body are complex and consist of membranes, nucleus, ribosomes, cytoplasm, lysosomes, and mitochondria. Each performs a role comparable to the responsibilities of employees in a factory, which is outlined above.

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