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Describing the Picture – A Reflection of Thoughts


There are so many types of fear that a human is able to endure and eventually overcome. Namely, the fears produced by the person’s inner-self are hard fought, though possible to be medically treated and healed. However, there are those situations in life when you simply do not understand what is going on with your blood pressure and brain activity; when you completely feel out of mind and cannot make decisions; when the blood is freezing and a cold sweat is running down your back, this is called an immediate and unexpected fit of fear. No wonder people that experience the stated latter are so weirdly looking – they do not care about the way their face or body members are.

Picture’s Description

As such, let me present the picture with a bear chasing a boy who climbs up the tree. This picture, I must admit, is full of horror. No wonder the boy is so scared – the violent death is several inches away from him. The tree seems to be the only safe place, though in the picture it is clearly seen that there is no branch under the left foot of a boy. A stub of a branch, instead, does not serve a saving isle; the foot can break off any second and become a prey just like the boy’s cap.

The primary thought conveyed to the viewer is the inevitability of the catastrophe. It seems like every second may become the last one. Yet, the entire picture has many hints on the boy’s small chances for salvation; one of them is the branchless trees that make it difficult for a person to climb up quickly and effectively. Moreover, it seems like a boy is looking back to define how far he has climbed up and if the bear is going o get him yet. The picture is full of different symbols that signal nature’s sympathy. As such, I would determine the tree’s three stumps right in the middle of the composition. If you look more precisely, it is possible to discern some kind of the face of a tree that is being in utmost indignation as per what is going on.

Another aspect that has to be elaborated on within a picture’s graphics is that the image is drawn very vividly disregarding the fact that it is in black and white. The boy turns his head sharply and the little swirls around the head signal about it. The artist did a great job conveying the idea of which phase the tragic story unfolds at via drawing the falling hat, for example. Therefore, we can clearly understand that the boy’s situation is more than puzzling; I would suppose he is all alone and there is no one else to attract the bear’s attention. Moreover, the shirt of the boy is torn, so it seems like the bear has already caught a few of his clothes and almost got the boy.


The picture under consideration is one of those that significantly well convey an emotional appeal. The viewer easily gets an idea of the disaster in the life of a boy; hence it means that the author of the picture did a great job telling what he wanted to.