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Global Marketing: Advertising Campaigns and Communication Strategies

Global advertising campaigns

To facilitate gaining global competitiveness, an organization ought to position its advertising campaign in a manner that it will be able to sway the target market to use its products. There are various advertisement campaigns that have been found to be successful while others have failed to meet their intended objectives. One of the advertising campaigns that have been successful is the adidas campaign aimed at selling sports shoes, hoodies, T-shirts and other sportswear. Some of the factors that have led to this campaign being successful are the ability by the company’s advertising team to ensure that it has used the right personalities in the campaign (Theresa 2009, para. 1-6). By using David Beckham, Russell and Missy Elliot in the advertisement, they have created an impression that their products are original thus making more people purchase them. Adidas has also been able to focus its advertisements on the target market most of which comprise of young generation. This has made it avoid cases of coming up with generic advertisements that do not focus on the target market, Adidas has emphasized on the need to ensure that its brand image is clearly reflected. This has made its products stand out from those of competitors thus being able to increase its sales.

One of the advertising campaigns that did not help the company attain its objectives was run by General Motors. The company in collaboration with McDonald came up with a campaign where they offered free hammer toys to customers who shopped with McDonald. This was aimed at marketing the hammer car through giving children toys representing the vehicle. One of the reasons that led to the campaign not being successful is lack of the company to directly approach its target customers. In addition, the blog spot provided for customers to share their opinions on the product were found not to reflect the negative opinions shared by customers (Apryl 2010, para. 1-5). This made them feel they had been short-changed by the company.

It is imperative to evaluate communications and sales effects in global market to determine if the organization is attaining its objectives. At times, established communications may fail to help an organization increase its sales volume. At such instances, the organization may be operating at a loss without knowing. Conducting evaluations on communications and sales effects in a global market helps an organization modify its communications to reach more potential customers.

Future benefits and challenges in using internet technology in global marketing

Some of the future benefits associated with using the internet in global marketing include helping an organization gain market power and effectively promote its products. Almost every household has access to the internet. More households are installing the technology as time goes on. This implies that using the internet in global marketing will help an organization reach a wide market thus increasing its sales volume. Another future benefit is reduction in costs associated with product promotion and advertisement. In addition, the internet will help organizations come up with a uniform marketing strategy (Popescul & Genete 2007, p. 30). As a result, they will be able to come up with products that will be acceptable in different markets eliminating the need to ensure that they develop different products for different markets.

On the other hand, organizations using internet technology in global marketing will be susceptible to sniffing and phishing. With an increase in competition among business organizations, every organization is trying to look for ways of outdoing the other. In the process, some organizations will be forced to hack into systems of their competitors and steal information on how to improve their competitiveness (Popescul & Genete 2007, p. 31). This will benefit less competitive organizations at the expense of their rivals which are more competitive.


From the numerous advertising campaigns that have failed to meet their objectives, business organizations have been able to understand some of the factors that led to their failure. As a result, they are currently ensuring that they are very cautious when developing their advertisement campaigns. Currently, organizations are ensuring that they clearly identify their target customers so as to align their campaign with their interests. Communication is another factor that organizations have not been putting into consideration when developing their advertisement campaigns. This has changed with organizations putting more effort in ensuring that their communication is effective. A good example is the recently established advertisement campaign by Nokia Company. The company has gone to an extent of using other languages such as Chinese whenever they realize that they have a wide potential market in a specific region (Yunker 2004, para. 1-7). Now organizations are ensuring that they include their brand image in their advertising campaign. This is after realizing that organizational brand plays a significant role in making consumers come up with the decision to use a specific product.

Advertisement helps organizations increase their sales volume. This is because it helps the company reach a wide range of potential customers. Development of a good advertising campaign makes customers understand the benefits of using specific products thus making them purchase the products. Internet technology is one of the media that can help an organization increase its sales volume in the global market. The media can help an organization reach a wide range of potential consumers. However, the current rate of competition among business organizations makes the media susceptible to hackers. This calls for organizations to ensure that their internet media is secured from such attacks.

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