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Greenhouse Gases and Effects on Global Warming


The greenhouse effect is one of the frequently discussed topics in such fields as natural sciences, economics, and even health care. The atmosphere has to trap solar radiation and allows sunlight to pass through it, promoting normal temperature on the planet. The warming of climate occurs because the atmosphere is challenged by the number of gases produced by people and resulted in human activities.

Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxides, and chlorofluorocarbons are the main long-lived gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming (the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2017). Despite multiple intentions to control human activities and follow specific environmentally-friendly policies, climate change cannot be stopped and turns into a significant problem that has to be studied at different levels.

Main Discussion

Each greenhouse gas has its distinctive characteristics and effects on global warming. These gases are the results of human progress and industrialization. Carbon dioxide, for example, is an outcome of the burning of fossil fuels like oil or coal, solid waste, and deforestation (the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2017). Its levels continue increasing and challenging the environment as shown in Figure 1.

Methane emissions are observed in agricultural activities and increased with organic waste being neglected in the environment. Finally, nitrous oxides are the negative outcomes of the industrial revolution when people decided to burn oil, coal, and gasoline to improve productivity at the expense of atmosphere quality. All these gases may be unnoticeable in everyday life, but statistics and certain climate changes cannot lie and should be recognized.

Atmospheric CO2 samples
Figure 1. Atmospheric CO2 samples (NASA Global Climate Change, n.d.)


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