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The Factor to Influence Household Income: Ethnic Diversity

The ethnical diversity is one of the characteristic features of metropolitan areas in the United States. The dwellers of one metropolitan area in the USA usually name more than thirty countries as their origin countries. Thus, diversity in certain metropolitan areas can be richer than in other districts or cities, and this fact also influences differences in the economic status of these areas. In addition, this tendency develops because of constantly increasing immigration rates.

From this point, it is rather difficult to state which countries contribute more to increasing the ethnical diversity in the US metropolitan areas. As a result, researchers are inclined to examine the relationship between the ethnical diversity and the economic development of metropolitan areas with references to the household income rates. The problem is in the fact that metropolitan areas demonstrate the highest degrees of the economic progress, but there is still no appropriate evidence to state that the reason for increasing the household income and other economic measures is in the ethnical diversity of the areas.

In light of that, the research aims to answer the question of the relationship between the ethnical diversity and high economic status of metropolitan areas with the focus on the household income. The paper’s aim is to support the hypothesis that there is the obvious connection between such factors as various levels of ethnical diversity in different metropolitan areas and the household income in these areas.

Using 2000 US Census data, the research provides the analysis of the evidence to state how high degrees of the ethnical diversity can be associated with the active economic development. The degree of the ethnical diversity will be measured as a result of analyzing the metropolitan areas’ statistics on race, ethnicity, and income.