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The Role of Public Administration and Political Outfit of the Day


The traditional perception among many people is that public administration is a less engaging routine job that has little to do with the citizens’ interests. In fact, many citizens see public administration as a tool used by governments to protect their policies. However, as Sam & Lyer (1997) found out, citizens’ perception of what role public administration play is very important in efforts to improve service delivery. This is because citizens have direct contact with public administrators and first-hand experience with the services delivered. In principle, the ranking is based on how much the services are efficient, adequate, accessible, and reliable.

Research Question

Ordinarily, a public administrator would defend the role of public administration as the link between the government and the citizens. This is true because public administration provides the connection between the bureaucratic government and the citizens; hence the legitimate link. As mentioned earlier, perception of public administration is based on how the public ranks its efficiency, accessibility, and reliability. But are these the only contributors to this negative perception? What is the link between citizens’ perception of public administration and the politics of the day? Despite numerous research studies on the role of public administration and citizens’ perception, no research has been carried out on how this perception is affected by the politics of the day, at least to the level of my knowledge. In other words, how do political office and its holders affect the citizens’ perception of public administration? The research question would therefore be: How do public administration and its activities or functionality affected by the citizens’ perception of politics? My interest is driven by the fact that political office holders determine, in part, who occupies the major or senior public administrative offices; hence the need to know how such roles affect the public perception. If it indeed public perception of administration and politics are interrelated, it is critical to hypothesize that the impact could therefore be negative or positive.

Secondly, many observers have argued that public administration is a new approach to managing public affairs through economic as well as a political dimension to effectively accomplish government operations. Others have claimed that public management is simply an act of carrying out routine management issues, with the aim of improving the traditional wellbeing of the citizens to gain political mileage. Due to its multidisciplinary nature, the new public management is basically a reform-oriented management style, with emphasis on the professional design of the subject. This kind of perception is linked to the fact that public administration is derived from the relatively old and traditional political science and sociology.

Target population and variables

The target population for this research will be registered voters, especially those who have participated in at least one national election in the past. Driven by personal interest to form and execute public policy through analysis of its formation and impact on the lives of the citizens and executors, I will critically extend the area of interest through analysis of the problems associated with governance as well as power and jurisdictions in the management of public affairs. This is to be supplemented by an investigation on the value of popularity or unpopularity of a particular political outfit in the office. These areas will form a critical aspect of my desire and goals for effective policy analysis and management of public affairs in relation to political development.


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