How it Works

It’s actually quite simple.
Submit your order, pay for it, get your paper by the deadline, and enjoy the rest of your week 😃
But if you’re interested in more details, here’s how the lifetime of an order looks at Writing-Services.


Submit Your Order

Fill out the order form with all necessary instructions. Attach any relevant files or details needed to complete your paper.

Submit full paper details, like the number of pages, requisite number of references, and any special requirements provided by your tutor.

Make sure that you provide an adequate number of pages for the expert. It’s much better when they have room to lay out all the arguments and provide necessary justification and facts required by the paper’s instructions. Be reasonable with your deadline, and remember that the expert will do everything from scratch, including research and the actual writing.


Pay for the Order

Once you fill out all the order details, we’ll come up with a price estimate for your specific assignment. We only start working on the order once payment is submitted because the payment for the expert is reserved as soon as you pay, rather than after the work is done.

The price relies heavily on the deadline and the complexity of the assignment. So be sure to submit a reasonable deadline estimate and be accurate with the type of assignment that you choose. This guarantees the best rates and the most appropriate experts for your specific order.


Await Order Assignment

Every order is reviewed by our support team to make sure that we have all of the necessary details to start the work. This process also involves determining the most appropriate expert for your particular order.

You will receive a notification if we need any additional information or clarification from you. Make sure to check your email frequently. Once the expert is assigned, your order’s status will be changed to In Progress.


Get to Know Your Expert

You can directly communicate with the expert once they’re assigned. You can reach out to them simply to check on the progress of the order or to provide any additional details that they might request in the process of writing the paper.

It’s a good opportunity to share your personal take on the order or provide any additional information that might be relevant to the order. Remember that the expert can only follow the original instructions. That means, if you need any extra work you can reach out to our support team for an additional payment quote.


Internal Review

Once the expert completes the order, the paper goes through an extensive series of checks and reviews to make sure it's been done according to your instructions.

If there are certain inconsistencies or if the expert misses something, our team will send the paper back for a revision without you even knowing about it. Don't worry, our experts are very good with their deadlines, so this review will not infringe on the final delivery date in any way. You will get your paper on time, every time.

We use plagiarism detection software from a trustworthy vendor that employs a mix of programmed algorithms and artificial intelligence to search for any suspicious content. We take plagiarism very seriously. Our work is 100% original


Get Your Final Paper!

Once it goes through the quality check, the paper is delivered to your profile at You can download it from the order details page or opt the email delivery.

If you’d like to receive the paper in a specific format, please include that detail in the initial instructions. By default, the files are delivered in one of the Microsoft Word formats (.doc, .docx).


Optional: Request a Revision

After reviewing the delivered paper, you might find some inconsistencies that the expert needs to address. For example, they might miss specific punctuation for the citation style that you requested. Citations styles vary, and so the expert might make the honest mistake of missing a few commas. Our 14-day free revision period is designed to tackle issues like these.

Check your paper as soon as you receive it to make sure that there are no issues requiring an urgent fix. Our internal review usually catches all of these, but we’re all humans after all.

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