A Good AS Paper is a Striking AS Paper!

Are you making your first steps in science? Struggling to figure out what the whole thing is about? Here are the main things that you should know!


AS paper is your first scientific work. AS paper is the first step in a young scientist’s career.


When choosing a subject for your AS paper, you have to also think of an appropriate introduction and a clear, concise finish.


By picking the right bibliography for your AS papers, you build up its foundation.


When writing AS papers, you have to know which way you head and where your journey ends.


The conclusions should summarize the main points of your AS paper and provide the reader with a clear and concise account of the work.

Tumbling out of Rhythm

However, when writing AS papers, you can also run into problems such as…

  • You cannot define the topic;
  • Your bibliography does not contain enough entries;
  • You fail to structure the paper;
  • You cannot figure out the conclusions;
  • You have never done this before.

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