What Summary Is Made Of

Now you’ll have a brilliant opportunity to take a look at the necessary summary components for summary writing!

With these, your summary will always look neat and concise:

  • An outline – a good plan as the base for all further writing;
  • Presentation of the critical details of the issue under analysis;
  • The key idea of the analyzed piece;
  • The conclusion, comprising your thoughts and those from the analyzed piece.

Does that look way too easy for you? Well, there are always some obstacles that block your way to successful summary writing.

Any idea what these obstacles are?

What Difficulties Students Bump Into

You must have met yourself a couple of them already. To sum up, most of the time, in their summaries writing, students fail to…

  • Figure out what is the crucial issue of the piece – as a result, the summary is weak and does not hit the target;
  • Squeeze the original text to the size of chestnut to make the summary look more analytical – there are always plenty of excessive details;
  • Come to a bright and cohesive conclusion – it is still hard to put all the parts of the analysis together to write a summary.

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