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Paste a text into the field below and click “Test the text.” That’s it! In a few seconds, you’ll see how likely your text has been generated by AI.

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How to Interpret the Result

Our AI essay tester is easy to use! Just paste the text into the field, add the topic or a short description for more accurate results, and press the button.

In a few seconds, you’ll see whether there is a low or high risk of your text being generated by AI. Remember that our tool doesn’t provide a definitive answer. Use your judgment to determine whether the text is AI produced.

To help you decide, the tool shows a bar chart with four columns and your text with words highlighted in different colors. Here’s how to interpret them:

  • If the words in the text are highly predictable and the sentence structure lacks variety, the text will be colored mostly in pink and orange. Such a text is very likely to be AI-generated.
  • In contrast, if you see many words highlighted in green and blue, the content is highly likely to be human-written.
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In today’s digital age, many students have AI-powered assistants at their fingertips, ready to churn out impeccable essays and reports. While such tools are cool and helpful, they also present a challenge for maintaining academic integrity.

That’s where our AI essay tester comes in. This free online tool uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze written work and identify any AI-generated text. Keep on reading to learn more about the AI tester for essays!

⚙️ How to Test for AI Writing?

Our AI essay tester has a user-friendly interface so that you can detect AI-generated text in a few clicks. All you need to do is:

  1. Copy the text you want to check.
  2. Paste the content into the appropriate field of the AI tester for essays.
  3. Add the topic or a short description of the text to get a more accurate result.
  4. Click the “Test the text” button and wait for the tool to analyze your essay.

After reviewing the results, you can make any necessary revisions to ensure academic integrity.

📊 AI Essay Tester: How to Interpret the Result

When the tool finishes your text analysis, you’ll see a chart with four colored columns. The colors correspond to categories of words based on their likelihood of being AI-generated.

🌸 Pink Pink represents the top 10 words used by AI.
🏵️ Orange Orange indicates words highly probable to have been AI-generated.
🍀 Green Green marks words less commonly used by AI.
💠 Blue Blue highlights words that are unlikely to be used by AI.

By clicking on any colored word, you will see other terms that can be used in the given context. You can use these suggestions as synonyms to replace words with a high likelihood of AI origin.

🤔 Who Needs to Test AI-Generated Text?

When designing an AI essay tester, we considered the needs of educators, students, and everyone working with texts. Check out the table below to learn how people can use the tool for various purposes.

Students Students need to check their essays for AI-generated content to ensure their work is original and avoid any potential academic consequences related to plagiarism. Moreover, with tools like our AI essay tester, students can improve their writing skills.
Teachers Teachers may need an AI writing checker to ensure that papers submitted by students are not plagiarized. Using a detection tool, teachers can identify artificially created content and take appropriate action to address it. The AI detector can also help teachers provide feedback to improve students’ writing skills.
Content marketers Content marketers need AI checkers to ensure that the content they get from writers and guest bloggers is original. It will help engage audiences and avoid any possible legal issues related to copyright infringement.
Writers Writers and authors need an AI content checker to ensure their articles don’t look AI-generated. This is especially important when writing for SEO purposes. In addition, checking texts for AI content can help writers ensure their originality and uniqueness and maintain credibility.

🔎 How to Spot AI Writing

It is quite challenging to spot AI writing without special software. Yet, there are some features of AI-produced writing that can help you distinguish it from human-written texts. Check them out below!

🔀 Look for Randomness

Unlike human writers, AI-powered writing tools rely on algorithms and pre-programmed patterns to generate content. As a result, their writing may lack the natural variations and inconsistencies characteristic of human language. When reading an article, pay attention to sentence structure and word choice. If the text appears too formulaic or predictable, it can be a sign that it was generated by AI.

📚 Pay Attention to Variety

The lack of variety in writing can be another sign of AI-generated text. AI systems cannot create unique sentence structures, use descriptive language, or incorporate transitional phrases in the same way a human writer can. So, if you see a text with lots of repeated terms, expressions, and sentence structures, it might have been generated by AI.

⭕ Spot Vague Statements and Lack of Detail

While AI tools can generate coherent and grammatically correct texts, they often struggle with providing concrete facts and specific examples. One way to spot an AI-generated text is to look for vague or general statements lacking details. Another red flag is a lack of descriptive language. AI systems can generate text that conveys basic information, but they may fail to create vivid descriptions that bring a topic to life.

😐 Check for Lack of Emotions and Personal Experiences

Another key indicator that can help you spot AI-generated text is a lack of emotions and personal experiences. While AI systems can produce informative texts, they often struggle to convey emotions or tell personal anecdotes. If you’re reading a text that feels impersonal or detached, consider the possibility of AI use.

🕵️‍♀‍ Test AI Text Using an AI Detector

One of the easiest ways to spot an AI-generated text is to use detection tools. This way, you don’t have to analyze the whole writing yourself—the tool will do it for you. You can simply copy and paste your essay into our Chat GPT detector and analyze any text for free in a few seconds.

However, it’s important to remember that AI detection tools have potential disadvantages. They may struggle to keep up with AI development or produce false results. So, they should be used with caution.

👩‍🏫 AI Tester for Essays: Why Is It Essential for Education?

As we continue to embrace technology in education, AI detection tools will undoubtedly become an increasingly essential part of learning. Here are the possible ways the AI essay tester can be helpful:

🎓 It ensures academic integrity. AI detection tools can be used to identify AI-produced content in student assignments. Thus, it ensures that academic integrity is maintained and students are held accountable for their work.
👨‍🎓 It boosts students’ responsibility. By using AI detection tools to check students’ papers, educators can encourage greater accountability and ensure students are actively engaged in the writing process.
✍️ It enhances writing abilities. The AI writing checker gives students real-time feedback on their writing, helping them identify improvement areas and develop stronger writing skills.
🧠 It fosters critical thinking. The AI detector can challenge students to think critically and solve complex problems, such as editing AI-generated text.
↩️ It offers instant feedback. The AI essay tester provides students with immediate evaluation of their text. Thus, students can see whether their papers are diverse, creative, and detailed enough or, on the opposite, resemble AI-generated content.

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