A Leadership Literature Review: What You Know about Making It

literature review leadershipObviously, you do not know much about a leadership literature review if you are looking for tips online. Well, there is nothing special about it. First, making a leadership literature review is not easy indeed. Second, you are acting like a real leader. At least, you do not give up and panic, and try to do something about the situation.

This short article can be the first step to making an excellent leadership literature review. In 300 words, we will explain you the gist of a literature review on such topic as leadership.

Leadership literature reviews: how to start off

First of all, you should know that a leadership literature review is in many ways similar to a review of any other field of studies. The only difference is that you are talking about leadership.

Thus, it seems to be logical to start with the following:

  • Definitions of leadership. Mind that this concept has rather a big number of definitions. Thus, do not limit yourself to one or two definitions.
  • Leadership in theory. Make sure you know the main theoretical approaches.
  • Leadership in practice. You have to know how these theoretical principles work in practice.

Leadership literature reviews: how to develop

We have already mentioned that your mission boils down to preparing a typical literature review. This is why you can be guided by some common principles when making your leadership literature review:

  • Get specifications from your instructor. Clarify what particular sources you have to use, how many of them, whether you have to critique, summarize, or synthesize sources.
  • Narrow the scope. Can you imagine the number of works, articles written about leadership? If you do not narrow the scope, you will be writing your leadership literature review forever.
  • Use as many current sources as possible. Recent works within this field are constantly being published.

You can also use our tips for making a literature review outline or read about a leadership thesis.