Thesis Writing

A GIS Thesis/Dissertation: Useful Guidelines for You to Get Started

So, you have made a decision to write a GIS thesis or dissertation. Well, hope you have weighed all pros and cons, and especially your own chances to complete such a serious project successfully. If everything is all right and you are not going to change your mind, we are glad to help you at the first stages of your GIS thesis or dissertation writing process.

A Networking Thesis: Possible Topics and Free Recommendations

You have signed up for writing a thesis in networking. Well, this is great, because you are going to deal with up-to-date and rather interesting issues related to Internet technologies and their further development. Since you are standing at the very beginning of a long and difficult way called “writing a thesis on networks”, you definitely have hundreds of questions and points that you want to clarify.

A Thesis Subject: How to Choose

Thesis writing is a very complex assignment. It can be considered the highest point of your academic career. Mostly, supervisors provide students with thesis subjects to ensure that they are valid and worth researching. But sometimes, our professors try to meet your interests and give you an opportunity to choose a thesis subject that is really interesting for you to study.

Literature Review: How to Start Writing?

Making a thesis questionnaire is one more way to collect data for your project. It is not a very difficult stage of the writing and research processes. However, you should definitely know some peculiarities of preparing thesis questionnaires. This is what you will find in this article. Before you start working on a questionnaire for the thesis, consult your advisor. Do you really need to use this way of collecting data? Will it bring necessary results? After you finish your…

A Thesis Adviser in Different Roles

You will need a good and timely thesis advice on every stage of the writing and researching processes. What kind of thesis advice and the overall success of your project significantly depend on the chosen thesis adviser. For many students, thesis writing experience was poor and ineffective exactly because of the wrongly selected thesis adviser.

Oxford University Thesis: General Recommendations and Guidelines

You are a graduate student of one of the world famous university. You are really lucky, and we are sure years spent in the Oxford University helped you become an expert in a certain field. You will have to demonstrate your expertise when writing an Oxford University thesis that will be one of the most serious projects you have ever completed.

Thesis PowerPoint Presentation: Basic Recommendations

Making a thesis PowerPoint presentation is one of the effective ways to present your project during the defense. Usually, thesis PowerPoint presentations make the whole process less boring and less scary (for a student) and lead to a successful defense. However, if you are not experienced enough in making PowerPoint presentations, you might get into troubles. Not very serious, definitely, but a poor thesis PowerPoint presentation will spoil your defense and results.

A Thesis Title: How to Create One

Some people believe that a name plays an important role in the life of any person and can even affect his/her destiny. We do not know for sure whether it is really so, but we are 100% sure that the “name” or the title of your thesis will be extremely important for your project. Let us give you more explanations about thesis titles and some recommendations on how to make a good one.

Guidelines for Creating a Thesis Methodology

Are you trying to create a worthwhile thesis methodology? Do you have many questions about a thesis methodology? Then, this article is just what you need. Here, you will find some basic steps you need to take in order to create a thesis methodology. You can also find the information that should be included into this section. Inform the reader about the kind of research you are going to conduct

What Should a Thesis Editor Do?

All people are constantly making mistakes: some of them are serious, some of them are not. When a mistake takes place in your academic work, then this mistake may change the situation and influence your grade. In order to present your academic works without such mistakes, you may ask an editor to check your work.

Thesis Writing

Do you want to know the main requirements for thesis writing? You can go to libraries, look through different Internet sites, but you can not say for sure that you will achieve desirable results. Or you can just read this article and find necessary points which will help you in thesis writing. Writing a thesis is a difficult thing for those who do not want to understand its essence. But if you create a plan and get to know what…

Thesis Presentation Requirements

There are several strict requirements for thesis presentation. We will name all of them and try to explain the difficulties. Thesis papers is normally presented in a printed form.