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Define Punctuation and Become a Grammar Superstar!

Define Punctuation and Its Functions If you think that punctuation is one of the circles of Grammar Hell, this article is here to save you from it. So, let’s start with a simple and helpful punctuation definition.

Canadian History Essays: Recommendations on Topic Selection

Writing about the history of a particular country, the student might be frustrated by the wide range of topics that can be covered in such paper. Canadian history essays are no different in that matter. Unless a specific period was specified in the requirements of Canadian history essays, there are various directions for such essays. In that regard, the present article will attempt to provide a few hints on potential topics for Canadian history essays.

Writing a Good Music Review: How to Write It Step-by-Step?

People listen to music all over the world. However, why do they like writing a music review? The answer is simple: to share their experience in music, to analyze some new music trends and sometimes just for fun or to tease somebody with the criticism. All people who are engaged in writing a music review are aimed at the common result: to get the target audience at which the music review is actually aimed.

Walker Percy Essays: Existential Questioning and Semiotics

Walker Percy’s works, specifically the ones related to semiotics and existentialism, have greatly contributed to science and philosophy. These nonfiction works reflect his understanding of the world and life philosophy. Pertaining to semiotics, particular attention can be paid to Percy’s The Message in the Bottle, a great collection on works on semiotics issued in 1975. In their Walker Percy essay, students can analyze these works because the collection has enough issues for discussion.

Directional Essays: the Right Direction to Move in

Do you hear about a directional essay for the first time? Do you feel absolutely confused with this task? Well, it is not surprising, because most probably you were not attentive enough when a teacher was giving instructions to completing this task. The thing is that the correct name of this type of work is a directional process essay. And here we are going to talk about some rules of writing a directional process essay properly.

Essays Done for You: What Students Who Tried It Think

We are not going to ask why you are gathering information about already done essays, papers that can be purchased instead of searching for some essay writing tips. We just know that these days many students prefer to solve their academic problems in this way. You, certainly, want to know what using essays done for you is all about. Do these services actually work? Or, is it just a waste of money and a huge risk to be caught?

Essay Correction Symbols: What Do they Mean?

This is the first time when you get back an essay from a teacher and see some strange notes and symbols on the margins. What is that supposed to mean? What do you have to do now? How should these weird symbols be deciphered? Well, what you see on the margins are essay correction symbols. Places where you see such essay correction symbols have some kind of mistake. What mistakes? Actually, every paper correction symbol that you see can explain…

Health Promotion Essays: One of the Ways to Prepare your Paper

Can you briefly define health promotion? If you cannot, we will do it for you, since a clear understanding of it is one of the keys to getting an A+ on your health promotion paper. So, in a few words, health promotion can be defined as certain strategies that enable people to take control over their health and wellbeing and, thus, improve their health.

How to Sell Essays: A Simple Guide for You

If you are a smart student, you have not thrown away all those essays and other papers completed during your academic career. At least, you should have saved those papers that were highly rated. Now, try to count how many essays you have at home. We are sure this number is pretty big. Another thing we are 100% sure is that you do not need those papers anymore and just keep them as some memory about good old days in…

Weimar Republic Essays: The Main Question to Answer

Sure, Weimar Republic essays can be devoted to any topic related to that period in German history. However, we presume your teacher is not waiting for a paper, where you discuss architecture or literature of Weimar Republic. We do not mean that such issues are not worth to be discussed. Yet, there are many other more significant aspects of the Weimar Republic that should be highlighted in Weimar Republic essays.

Essays on the Person Who Has Had the Greatest Impact on your Life

An essay on the person who has had the greatest impact on your life looks like a college entrance essay very much. Yes, it is one of the typical college application essay topics, which allow the adcom to learn more about your values, experiences that taught you something. However, it is not an exception that essays on the person who has had the greatest impact on your life is just another task from your teacher. He/she has the same purpose…

High School English Essays: How to Stun a Teacher

High school is time when you need to get only good grades. Thus, you have to be active, complete all assignments, and strive for the highest grades. You definitely know that essays play an important role or, to be specific, your marks on essays play an important role.

An Essay Describing Your Favorite Relative: Making a Vivid Description

At a glance, writing a “My Favorite Relative” essay seems to be easy. In your family, there must be someone you love a little more than others. You know everything about this person, his/her character, specific features, etc. However, once you get down to writing the essay describing your favorite relative, you will realize that it is more challenging than you expected it to be. The thing is that a mere descriptive essay, which you wanted to make, will not…

Essays on India after 60 Years of Independence

In 1947, India stopped to be a British colony and became an independent country. Now, it is a dominion in the British Commonwealth. India is an amazing and multifaceted country. On the one hand, its economy is growing rapidly, and many Indian citizens are very rich people. On the other hand, India has very poor, undeveloped areas, some urgent problems that require solutions.

How to Analyze Essays: Basic Steps to Take

Do you have to analyze someone’s essay? It seems like this task seriously puzzles you. Before this moment, you had to write essays, your teacher analyzed them, and gave you marks. Now, you have to act almost like the teacher and analyze an essay. It might be one of your peers’ works or a paper of some scholar, because an essay is a common form of expressing ideas on some problem.

Custom Essay Writing Services: Misconceptions vs. Facts

Bet, at least once in your academic career you have been thinking about purchasing a custom written essay. We are almost sure it is really so, because custom essays are the easiest way to get rid of your academic problems. Yet, what you know about custom written essays is that they are considered to be an academic crime and the deadliest sin of any student. Most probably, you have heard a lot of other myths about custom essay writing services…

Essays on Fire Prevention: Can You Protect Yourself?

Are you ready to write an essay on fire prevention? Are you ready to check your knowledge of how fire can be prevented? You have a really useful task, by the way, because fires happen unexpectedly, take people’s lives and possessions. In such tough situations, it turns out that even some adults do not know how to act and completely forget about essentials of fire prevention.

Sample College Admission Essays: They Can Help You Get In

You are squeezing your brains right now, trying to write an effective college admission essay and get into the college of your dreams. You are inexperienced in writing admission essays. Even if you have found good tips for writing this kind of essays, you still need to know how they actually work on practice. This is when you have to find a couple of well-written sample college admission essays.

Tips for Writing Essays on Obesity

What is obesity? What are the reasons for obesity? Is it possible to prevent obesity? These and many other questions may be investigated and answered in essays on obesity. Do you need assistance with writing essays on obesity? Have you already decided what to start with? Well, if you hesitate and still have doubts, read our tips.

Essays on Growing Up: Ideas to Consider

Growing up can be one of the subjects for consideration in the fields of Psychology or Anatomy. So, if you are assigned to write an essay on growing up, you need an idea first. In this article, we will present you several possible ideas to disclose in essays on growing up.

How to Write an Essay on a Short Story

A short story essay is similar to an analysis of a short story. Your purpose is to discuss the main idea of the assigned story and tell how the author discloses it. In this article, you will find the steps you need to take in order to analyze some book correctly and make your essay on a short story properly.

Efficient Essays on Environment vs. Development

Environment vs. development can be called one of today’s dilemmas. On the one hand, the humanity is concerned with all those environmental problems that we face today. Global warming, greenhouse effect, air pollution, and so on – all these are the results of human activity.

Hints for Writing an Essay on Traffic Hazards in Karachi

Writing essays helps students learn new material, analyze interesting facts, and be aware of the most burning problems. This time, you need to write an essay on traffic hazards in Karachi. Do you have any ideas? Do you need help? If you have certain difficulties with this assignment, several useful tips on how to write an essay on traffic hazards in Karachi can definitely help you.

Hints for Writing Essays on a Role Model

“I think it’s an honor to be a role model to one person or maybe more than that. If you are given a chance to be a role model, I think you should always take it because you can influence a person’s life in a positive light, and that’s what I want to do. That’s what it’s all about.” “Tiger” Woods

Essays on School Violence: Questions to Answer

April 2007 – Virginia Tech University, a student kills 32 other students and injures approximately the same number of people. April 1999 – Columbine High School, two students kill 13 people and wound 23. It is the worst school shooting in the history of the United States.

How to Write Team Building Essays

Is there one more problem you cannot solve? Is it the task to write team building essays? Well, in this article you will find necessary help and several ideas to consider in your team building essay. To create a good team building essay, you need to choose a good idea first. Here are several tips for you:

How to Write an Essay about Myself

If you want to know how to write an essay about yourself, then this article is just for you. Here, we will present several tips on how to write an essay about myself properly and succeed. Usually, the task to write essays about myself is given to those entering a high school/college/university or even to those applying for a job. An essay about yourself should present necessary information on what kind of person you are, introduce your achievements.

Essays about More Job Opportunities in Big Cities

Big cities – big opportunities. Many people, especially students, think it is really so. Well, this assertion is definitely hard to argue. The vast majority of people want to live wealthy and interesting lives. They want to visit expensive restaurants, drive posh cars, and wear chic clothes. All this stuff is usually associated with big cities.

Catchy Ideas for Essays on Youth

If you want to prepare a good essay on youth, it is necessary to do certain preparations. For example, you can make a little investigation on possible topics to consider in essays on youth. In the Internet you are sure to find a lot of interesting ideas that can be enlightened in students’ essays on youth. Your task is to analyze them, not to get lost in the variety of issues and pick out the most interesting for you theme.

Essentials of a College Essay Cover Page

Actually, it is a bit surprising that you are bogged down with a college essay cover page. It seems to be the easiest part of your work! Anyway, if you have problems with your college essay cover page, we are ready to solve them. However, you should know that not all college essays require a cover page. Usually, this requirement is discussed when a teacher gives all the instructions on completing an assignment.

Essay on Why Do I Want to Become a Nurse

Why do I want to become a nurse essay is usually assigned to the applicants entering medical college or university as a part of a written examination. The grade you will get for your essay on why do I want to become a nurse will influence the final decision of the committee members to accept or decline your application. That is why an essay on why do I want to become a nurse should be perfectly made.

Using Essays from an Edited Collection

Essays from an edited collection… The faster the progress goes, the easier it gets for students. It used to be quite a challenge to come up with an essay topic, find sources, and write a good text. Now we have a collection of essays, a possibility to order a custom essay and many more essay services that make academic writing not a problem of time, but a problem of money.

Successful Essays on Harriet Tubman

This time we will talk about writing essays on Harriet Tubman, an American woman who fought against slavery in XIX century. Let us consider what information can be introduced in essays on Harriet Tubman.  

College Application Essay Prompts

The day of your application has come at last. Since then you will influence your destiny yourself: whether or not you will be enrolled in the school you had been dreaming of for so long. Despite the knowledge you have to demonstrate during the entrance exams you will have to write the best college application essays ever. Do not know how to do it? Read the college essay prompts suggested below and surprise your committee with the best presentation of…

Discursive Essay Writing Tips

Determination First of all, we have to explain what the discursive essay is. Discursive essay is a sketch, in which author shows a discussion of some problem. The topic of your discursive essay has to be interesting and captivating. Otherwise it would not be interesting for readers. And if nobody wants to read your sketch – there is no value in it. It means you have wasted a lot of your precious time.

How to Edit an Essay

Does your essay seem to be absolutely completed and is about to be submitted? In this case hasty actions might mean taking risks – what you need is a thorough analysis of what you have written in order to improve it. You need to proofreading an essay and edit it and no matter how successful and brilliant you consider it to be right after finishing . Essay editing is a necessary part of any writing process, and it is vitally…

American Antiquity Citation Style Guidelines

American Antiquity is a quarterly journal, publishing papers on archeology. It deals with archaeological theory and practice. The journal is one of ”family members” in the big “clan”- Society for American Archeology journals. The rules of referencing, worked out by the Society, integrate in American Antiquity Citation Style.

APSA Citation Style

You are welcome at our APSA Citation Style Guidelines! All important information about the APSA Citation Style is here: APSA Style: Where Does It Come From? The abbreviation comes from the American Political Science Association (founded in 1903) – the institution that organizes professional study of political science and brings together people dealing with politics.

Writing a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a type of essay that provides a vivid description of a person, place, thing, object, experience, memory, etc. in the way the reader can easily get its physical realization. The effect produced on the reader is achieved mainly through the author’s detailed descriptions and observations.

Structure of an Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliography is a very important part of your work and of the whole your paper, because it shows the depth of the research conducted and the level of professionalism in your work. It displays the level of trust that could be asserted to your work relying on your sources. The general structure of an annotated bibliography is pretty much simple. The main difference that can be added is the citation style used for the bibliography.