Literature Review Outline: Points to Consider

Literature review outlineLiterature review outline serves for the better organization of your literature review. If you make your literature review outlines successfully, it will help you make the literature review itself perfectly.

Sooner or later, every young researcher will have to write a literature review, and it is the literature review outline that will help to put their thoughts to rights.

Probably you are a young researcher who has to write literature review outlines for the first time in your life, so you definitely need to know what points you will have to consider in your own literature review outline. Let me help you with it.

  • Information on the source used. This point of your literature review outline will provide full information on the title of the book, its author, date of publication, publisher, etc.;
  • Information got from this source. It is necessary for your literature review outlines to reveal information that helped you in covering the topic of your paper. This part of your literature review outline should tell in brief what information you got from this source. Do not go deep into details, since a literature review outline implies making a brief plan for you to relieve your work on the literature review itself;
  • How the source helped you. This part of your literature review outline will discuss the importance of the source found for conducting your research and drawing certain conclusions.

While making your literature review outline, keep in mind that you are working for yourself and for your personal convenience. So, make the literature review outline as convenient in usage as possible. Only in this case it will help you to write your literature review.

Try also to keep to a certain structure. It will be too difficult to make a literature review if you make an outline for it as a straight text.