A Child Abuse Summary

summary of child abuseA summary on child abuse is a paper that aims to report about child abuse phenomenon. Child abuse summary is a short text pointing out the main aspects of the problem.

Like any other kind of academic paper writing, child abuse should be coherent and logically consequent. The guidelines presented in this article will help you compose a good summary of child abuse.

  1. Find information on the issue of child abuse. A summary of child abuse implies processing statistical data, analyzing experts’ viewpoints and retelling information . That is why in order to create an excellent child abuse summary, you need to be well-informed. Make use of the newspapers, journals, magazines, research papers considering child abuse problem. The internet sources also provide enough information for making a good child abuse summary;
  2. Do thoughtful reading. Since a summary of child abuse requires generalization of the information on child abuse, you need to come down to the brass tacks. Try to find out the answers to the following questions:
    • What does the term “child abuse” mean?
    • What are the main types of child abuse?
    • How to prevent child abuse?

    Actually, the answers to these questions will serve you as the basis for your summary on child abuse. So, think over them and you will create a reasonable child abuse summary;

  3. State your thoughts. Once you have organized your thoughts, you are ready to present them in your summary on child abuse. Remember, that a summary does not need too many details, since you are to present the most essential information.

A summary writing is similar to a dissertation abstract writing. That is why tips on writing an abstract will also help you make your summary on child abuse.