Term Paper References: What for, How to Organize?

term paper referenceSo, you are finishing your term paper and have reached one of its most significant parts – term paper references. Why do we call it one of the most significant parts?

Well, everything is simple. If you have properly organized term paper references, you will not be accused of plagiarism, which is extremely important! Thus, let us give you more details about term paper references and the way they should be arranged.

What are term paper references?

First of all, you should know that the correct name of this part of your term paper is a Reference List (if you are writing an APA term paper) or Works Cited page (if you use MLA style). Here you can get more details about writing research papers using APA style or research papers using MLA format.

This list should appear at the end of your paper and give information about all sources you have used and cited in the body of the paper.

Keep in mind a simple rule about your term paper reference list. It should include all sources cited in the paper likewise all cited sources should appear in the term paper reference list.

What are term paper references for?

We have already mentioned that the main reason for making this list is to avoid accusations of plagiarism. Another reason is that the reader might wish to find and use some of your sources. Thus, you need to provide necessary info about them.

How should term paper references be organized?

It will depend on the format, either MLA, APA, or some other that you use in the rest of your paper. Therefore, better get a necessary manual to check all the peculiarities.

Here we provide basic guidelines:

  • Term paper references should be placed at the end and start on a new page.
  • You have to label this page References (for APA papers) or Works Cited (for MLA papers).
  • All text in this list should be double-spaced.