Efficient Essays on Environment vs. Development

essay on environment vs. developmentEnvironment vs. development can be called one of today’s dilemmas.

On the one hand, the humanity is concerned with all those environmental problems that we face today.

Global warming, greenhouse effect, air pollution, and so on – all these are the results of human activity.

On the other hand, human activity is something that makes our society and world in general develop. The main problem is that our development harms nature and environment greatly. Yet, is there something that we can do about it?

This is what you will have to sort out when writing your essay on environment versus development. Particularly, in your essay on environment vs. development, you should focus on two major issues:

  • What is more important – environment or further development?
  • What can be done to reduce hazardous effects of human activity?

Do not be afraid to express your own position on these questions in the essay on environment vs. development. Still, do not forget about additional sources (scientific articles, official statistics) that will back up your position.

What else can you do to make an impressive essay on environment vs. development? It is not a secret that real life examples are always highly appreciated in any work. Your essay on environment vs. development is not an exception.

Anyway, we have a brilliant case for you to consider in the essay on environment vs. development.

The Province of Sichuan in Southwest China, the city of Chengdu. It is a place that the Chinese government decided to modernize. It spends millions of dollars on the project. Well, they do have good reasons for developing this area. However, water and air pollution are problems that become more and more critical for this area.

So, try to analyze this situation in your essay on environment vs. development. Why is this particular area significant for the Chinese government? Do you see any solutions to the problem? Answer these questions in the essay on environment vs. development.

If you choose the right approach to writing the essay on environment vs. development, your paper will be just perfect.