How to Edit an Essay

Correction of paper

Does your essay seem to be absolutely completed and is about to be submitted? In this case hasty actions might mean taking risks – what you need is a thorough analysis of what you have written in order to improve it.

You need to proofreading an essay and edit it and no matter how successful and brilliant you consider it to be right after finishing .

Essay editing is a necessary part of any writing process, and it is vitally important especially when it comes to writing essays.

Though the task of essay editing is a pains taking process, if organized properly, it may be easily and effectively done.

There is some helping points on editing listed below. These are the rules to follow to make your essay better.

  1. Take your essay editing slow;
  2. Check one thing at a time;
  3. Use grammar checker to check grammar errors (for example: comma usage, sentences in passive, etc.);
  4. Use the spell checker to find the spelling mistakes;
  5. Do not rely on your word processor only, use your own judgment;
  6. Print a copy of your work, it will simplify your essay editing, as for some people it is easier to find mistakes on a piece of paper than on a computer screen;
  7. Start checking each part of your essay step by step;
  8. Work out a plan of essay editingand stick to it;
  9. Consider your thesis statement: does it reflect the content of your essay? Is it clear and understandable? Does it attract the readers’ attention?
  10. Consider your introduction – is it grasping? Is it concise and sufficiently developed? Does it define the tone of your essay?
  11. Consider your conclusion – does it correspond to your thesis statement? Does it highlight the general idea of your essay?Does it impress the readers and offer them a point for discussion?
  12. Analyze the classification of your essay: whether your paragraphs are well developed and relevant to your topic; are there appropriate transition sentences?
  13. Ask for some outside help on editing, you have spend so much time on your essay editing that you may get used to the paper and won’t be able to see some obvious errors. If there is no outside help you should do your essay editing by yourself again, but sometime later to look at your essay with a fresh pair of eyes.
  14. Do not hesitate to edit your essay as many times as needed before handing it in.

Though time, spent on editing will depend upon the size of your essay, the time spent on essay editing process will certainly pay itself back.