Essays on School Violence: Questions to Answer

essay on school violenceApril 2007 – Virginia Tech University, a student kills 32 other students and injures approximately the same number of people.

April 1999 – Columbine High School, two students kill 13 people and wound 23. It is the worst school shooting in the history of the United States.

June 1998 – an armed student fires 51 bullets into hundreds of people in his school. Later his parents were found at home also shot dead.

These are the most terrible examples of school violence. Yet, no one knows how many other awful cases happen each day around the country. Why does it happen in American schools? How can it be prevented? This is what you have to consider in your essay on school violence.

Before you start writing the essay on school violence, there are several questions we want you to answer.

What is the reason for school violence? Why do students kill each other?

Probably, you will not be able to give a precise answer to this question in your essay on school violence. However, in the essay on school violence, you can analyze the information that we all know. It is considered that media violence and some other problems in families cause psychological disorders and aggression in children. Think over the significance of these factors and introduce your opinion in the essay on school violence.

You should answer one major question in your essay on school violence. Problematic teenagers can be found all over the world. Media violence is also a widespread phenomenon these days. Why does America in particular face the problem of school violence so acutely?

We do not mean that other developed countries do not have the same problems. Yet, you will not find a case like Virginia Tech massacre or Columbine massacre somewhere else in the world. Try to give your explanations in the essay on school violence.

What about other forms of school violence?

Needless to say, not only a student who brings a gun to school is dangerous. We pay too much attention to those armed guys, but do not notice those with fists and violent thoughts in their heads. You may discuss this serious problem in your essay on school violence as well.

As you can guess, we suggest you talk about bullying and some of its tough forms in the essay on school violence.

Again, scholars and psychiatrists tend to explain this aggression by the drawbacks in our society, media influence, and common problems that every teenager faces. Particularly, in your essay on school violence, you can consider a so-called “all about me” problem.

“All about me” is a perfect characteristic of nowadays teenagers. They are concerned only with their problems. They do not care about people around them and their troubles. Teenagers today feel like victims. What they think about is their desires, their problems, and their attempts to fulfill themselves.

Do you think it is a reason to kill somebody? Present your standpoint in the essay on school violence.

What can be done?

It is the most important question to answer in essays on school violence. So, what ways out do you see? What measures are already taken? You are a teenager as well, and maybe can give precious recommendations in your essay on school violence.

Anyway, in essays on school violence, you can discuss some solutions that have already been made, like metal detectors at school or arming teachers. Are they really effective? Tell what you think about it in your essay on school violence.

Your essay on school violence can be a good basis for an essay on youth or even for an essay “If I could change the world”. What would you like to change to eliminate the problem of school violence?