How to Sell Essays: A Simple Guide for You

Sell essayIf you are a smart student, you have not thrown away all those essays and other papers completed during your academic career. At least, you should have saved those papers that were highly rated.

Now, try to count how many essays you have at home. We are sure this number is pretty big. Another thing we are 100% sure is that you do not need those papers anymore and just keep them as some memory about good old days in school.

Well, now a question for you. Do you not think it is a good idea to sell your essays? Or, have you ever thought that your old papers can bring real financial benefit?

They really can, and you cannot even imagine how many students sell their essays and make money in this way. Do you want to try and sell an essay? Then, check our simple guide below.

Where to sell essays

Sure, first you need to find a buyer. It will not be difficult, because there are tons of websites or online companies that buy essays from students. You can sell college essays or school papers there, dissertations, research papers, admission essays, and so on. In other words, such websites buy papers on any possible topics, of any level and quality.

Money that you can make

You certainly want to know how much money you can earn by selling essays. Actually, prices vary. But usually, students are offered something like 40-60% of the final price. Your “salary” will also depend on the number of times your essays are sold. All in all, you can earn from $5 up to $100 or even more.

Things to keep in mind if you want to sell essays

There are several rules you should stick to:

  • It is better not to provide your real name and e-mail that can be traced;
  • Do not sell essays straight after a course is finished;
  • Be careful with cash that you have to get, do not trust those online companies fully.

Good luck!