Weimar Republic Essays: The Main Question to Answer

Gustav Stresemann photoSure, Weimar Republic essays can be devoted to any topic related to that period in German history. However, we presume your teacher is not waiting for a paper, where you discuss architecture or literature of Weimar Republic.

We do not mean that such issues are not worth to be discussed. Yet, there are many other more significant aspects of the Weimar Republic that should be highlighted in Weimar Republic essays.

Particularly, we are almost 100% sure that your teacher expects to see an answer to one major question in Weimar Republic essays. And this question is “Why was the Republic a failure?”

Do you know the answer? If no, then check our hints for writing Weimar Republic essays.

Before writing Weimar Republic essays

To answer the question effectively, you need to look at events that preceded the establishment of the Weimar Republic. To be specific, you need to know how the WWI finished and what results it had for Germany. Carefully study the Treaty of Versailles before writing your Weimar Republic essay.

Writing excellent Weimar Republic essays

Let us get back to the main question of your Weimar Republic essay. You need to answer why the Republic failed.

We know that many students will look at the problems and flaws of the Republic in order to answer the question. However, if you count on the highest grade on your Weimar Republic essay, you will also have to consider all positive sides and explain why they did not work.

For instance, tell in your Weimar Republic essay about the “Golden Era” in Germany – a period when Gustav Stresemann was Reichskanzler and all his achievements. What happened after his death?