How to Write a Book Report on Animal Farm

book report on Animal FarmTo produce a good Animal Farm book report you should not only know some information on its author and its publishing date, but also be able to present some interesting aspects about the story and its characters.

You may read some similar works, for example, pay attention to such writings, as Nancy Drew book report or even a nonfiction book report. They will give you an idea how to organize your paper.

These issues may help you create a splendid book report on Animal Farm:

  • Present general information about the novel in your Animal Farm book reports: the author – George Orwell (the real name is Erick Arthur Blair), the date of publication – 1945, and the circumstances –a reaction to the Soviet totalitarianism.
  • Make an overview of the novel in your Animal Farm book report. Point out that this story is a kind of allegory, where animals play an important role. These animals reflected Bolshevik’s nature. They were sick and tired of the human beings, so, they created their own community.
  • Pick several characters and try to find their reflection onto the real people. Develop the idea that Old Major is that very spirit of the Revolution. By the way, did you notice that relationships between Napoleon and Snowball are similar to those of Stalin and Trotsky.
  • Do not forget to write why this book became a compulsory source to read. In your Animal Farm book report, you should try to understand what is so special about this book.

These hints may seem rather helpful for some students and absolutely senseless for the others. Nevertheless, they should help in writing a book report on Animal Farm!