The Bad Beginning Book Report

The Bad Beginning book reportThe Bad Beginning is another novel of Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket.

You should have probably read some other stories of this author like The Reptile Room or Miserable Mill, or The Hostile Hospital.

Some of you might have written The Reptile Room book report, since this is quite a common assignment.

Anyway, this time you have to write The Bad Beginning book report, and we are ready to help you with it. The Bad Beginning book reports should include the following elements:

  • The Bad Beginning book report should start with a short summary of the plot. This novel tells about the adventures of three little kids, whose parents died. Now, they need a person who will take care of them, but the only relative they have is a cruel and greedy Count Olaf. He does not love three orphans and thinks only about their fortune.
  • After that, you should conduct deep analysis of the main characters of this novel in The Bad Beginning book report.
  • Then, you can pass to the discussion of some specific aspects of the novel. First, in The Bad Beginning book report, you have to analyze the style that the author has used for writing his novel. In fact, Lemony Snicket uses the so-called reverse psychology, which can be mentioned and defined in The Bad Beginning book report. This phenomenon can be described as follows: a writer uses such style that should make the readers want to close the book and think about something more pleasant. But, the readers, as if under hypnosis, continue reading it till the very last page.
  • There are several other themes in the novel that can be covered in The Bad Beginning book report. For instance, you may consider the theme of adults’ passiveness. Think why Mr. Poe or Justice Strauss did not make every effort to keep the kids from the Count Olaf. In The Bad Beginning book reports you can also give your explanations on why Lemony Snicket portrayed these characters in this manner.

Our last advice is – to read the novel if you want to write a brilliant The Bad Beginning book report.