Writing the Reptile Room Book Report

Reptile Room book reportThe Reptile Room is a novel for kids, but I am sure that the adults will also like it. This novel has a really captivating plot and is easy to read, the more so because you have to write the Reptile Room book report.

Thus, it is essential for you to read the novel. This book is not very big and you will be able to read it quickly. What is more, if you want to write a good Reptile Room book report, it is better to read the original variant.

Now, we would like to give you some facts about the novel that might be helpful while writing the Reptile Room book reports.

  • The novel is the second of “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. It consists of 13 novels written by Lemony Snicket. By the way, in the Reptile Room book report you can mention that it is not his real name and give the reasons for choosing such a nick.
  • The Reptile Room continues to describe the adventures of the three orphans, the Baudelaire children. This time they escaped their evil Count Olaf and went to live with another relative Dr. Montgomery – a snake studier.
  • The novel describes the life of the children in the house of Dr. Montgomery. In his house he had a reptile room, where different snakes discovered by Montgomery lived.
  • Dr. Montgomery was killed in this room by Count Olaf who pretended to be his assistant. Children recognized him and tried to find the evidences of his guilt for killing Dr. Montgomery.

This was a very short summary of the novel for the Reptile Room book reports. Below you will also find some helpful tips for writing the report itself.

  • In the Reptile Room book report you should give some details about the author and his life, since his novels are autobiographical to some extent.
  • State the main idea or theme of the novel in the Reptile Room book report. Think what the author’s message was or what the problems that he wanted to emphasize are.
  • Do not get in too many details while writing the Reptile Room book report. Remember that your main goal is to give your assessment of the book and some critical comments.

I am sure that you will like this novel and the Reptile Room book report will not be a problem for you.