Structure of an Annotated Bibliography

Blue cube structure.

Annotated bibliography is a very important part of your work and of the whole your paper, because it shows the depth of the research conducted and the level of professionalism in your work.

It displays the level of trust that could be asserted to your work relying on your sources.

The general structure of an annotated bibliography is pretty much simple. The main difference that can be added is the citation style used for the bibliography.

There are two most frequently used citation styles used to formalize your paper: MLA (Modern Language Association) and APA (American Psychological Association) citation styles.

When writing a text using these two citation styles, the difference can be easily seen, but when arranging an annotated bibliography, the difference is so slight that it is easy to make a mistake.

So, the structure on an AB looks like this: First you list the last name of the author(s) of the book. Then you write the name of the book or the article (if it is an article, after its heading the name of the magazine or the journal it was published in must be placed).

And the last things to add are the numbers of pages you referred to. This is just the heading of the bibliography entry. After that, the next like has to be moved further from the edge of the page, so that the heading would kind of push forward. These are the similarities in all of the citation styles used for Abs (Annotated Bibliographies).

The difference in the APA style is that you put the last name and then only the first letter of the first name of the author. In MLA style, you write the whole name, starting from the last name. Then, in APA style, it is necessary to put the year when the book, magazine or the article was published.

In MLA this is not necessary. Another difference is that in MLA format you have to put the name of the book or the article into quotation marks and the name of the book if there was only an article used from it has to be underlined. Plus, MLA uses colons instead of commas used in APA, especially before the pages listed.

These are some basic differences of AB structure.