The BFG Book Report Help

the BFG book reportAre you perplexed because of the three letters in the title of the article? If I were you, I would be a little surprised.

What is more, you have an assignment to write the BFG book report. So, what are you going to write about?

I should tell you that you are going to write about Big Friendly Giant. This is what the BFG stands for.

Do you need some information for the BFG book report? I guess you do and you will be able to find the basic issues for the BFG book report in this article.

  • In the BFG book report you will have to give some information about the author of the book. This children book was written by the British author Roald Dahl. Actually, he is one of the most favorite and successful children author nowadays. So, it would be great if you tell more about him in your BFG book report.
  • After that, you can pass to writing a short summary of the story that should be introduced in the BFG book report. The story tells about friendship of a little girl Sophie with a friendly giant. BFG was a benevolent giant who brought kids good dreams. All the other giants used to eat children. That is why BFG and Sophie decided to do something about this situation and asked the Queen of England for help.
  • Definitely, you cannot omit some details of the story in the BFG book report. For instance, you should tell about Snozzcumber – a magic food for the friendly giant. Or in your BFG book report you can mention ten bad giants.

This was general information for the BFG book reports. We hope that you remember all the rules of writing this assignment. Good luck!