Deja Vu Movie Review: A Helpful Hint on Movie Review Writing

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Whether you have already written movie reviews, or this is your first experience in movie review writing, this article can be quite helpful for your Deja Vu movie review writing.

There are several things that a writer who works on a Deja Vu movie review should remember: being genuine, avoiding spoilers, etc; probably, you are already aware of them.

This article is devoted to an issue which is not so evident for many movie reviews writers: avoiding clichés. This advice is correct for writing Deja Vu movie reviews and reviews on any other movie.

Avoiding clichés in your Deja Vu movie review is extremely important. Clichés are the issue which often spoils movie reviews. Let us give you a couple of examples of clichés which might appear in a Deja Vu movie review:

A Deja Vu movie review author writes, “Just the title of a movie was enough to make me shudder and feel intrigued to marrow of my bones”. Indeed, Deja Vu is a stylish name of the movie. However, let us be frank: are these two words able to make a modern viewer “shudder etc”?

It would be much better to write in your Deja Vu movie review that the movie title became one of the factors that motivated you to watch the movie. You express the same idea, but without needless exaggerations; thus, you stay genuine in your Deja Vu movie review.

A writer glorifies Denzel Washington in a Deja Vu movie review, “This movie has showed that it is time to title Denzel Washington the best actor in the USA.” Washington is really a great actor (his two Oscars are the eloquent evidence).

However, is it reasonable to call an actor “the best in the USA”? There are many great actors in the USA which can compete for this title. Instead, it is better to state in your Deja Vu movie review that you were excited with Denzel Washington’s acting and you consider the role of Doug one of his best roles. Your Deja Vu movie review will only gain from your sincere opinion.