Top 3 Things You Need to Know about Argument Research Papers

argument research paperDo you know that “giving arguments” is one of the most important concepts about education. Giving arguments means thinking critically, analyzing, and drawing necessary conclusions. Besides, “the art of giving arguments” means you can find good reasons and strong arguments to persuade people.

You have a chance to develop these important skills when writing argument research papers. Actually, it is not an easy task to complete. That is why we are glad to introduce you 3 important things about argument research papers.

Argument research paper topics

You have to keep in mind one rule of choosing/making up argument research paper topics. Choose a debatable or controversial issue for discussion. The most effective way to hit upon such issues is to think of so-called hot-button topics.

Let us give you several argument research paper topic ideas:

  • Gay families and child adoption;
  • Should pornography be banned?
  • War against terrorism – effectiveness of the actions taken;
  • Beauty contests – what are their purposes?
  • Tobacco companies – are they responsible for deaths and illnesses?

Opening paragraphs in argument research papers

Probably, a strong opening paragraph in your argument research paper is a good chance to win the reader. Say, you want to discuss the problem of gun control in your argument research paper.

Opening paragraphs – a boring way to write it

“The rate of crimes involving guns is increasing every year.”

Opening paragraphs – a way to win the reader

“The chance of being shot this year in the United States is ten times higher than it was last year.”

Opposing views in argument research papers

Considering the views in opposition is extremely important. It is the only way to prove that those views are wrong. However, take into consideration that you should discuss both strong and weak sides of opposing opinions.

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