A GIS Thesis/Dissertation: Useful Guidelines for You to Get Started

gis thesisSo, you have made a decision to write a GIS thesis or dissertation. Well, hope you have weighed all pros and cons, and especially your own chances to complete such a serious project successfully.

If everything is all right and you are not going to change your mind, we are glad to help you at the first stages of your GIS thesis or dissertation writing process.

In this article, you will find useful guidelines and recommendations for writing GIS theses/dissertations that will help you get started.

Your GIS thesis/dissertation advisor

When it comes to writing a GIS thesis or dissertation, an advisor plays a serious and important role for the successful completion of the project.

It should be a person who will always be ready to provide a valuable advice, who has interests in your specific research area, and who is patient enough to provide necessary guidance whenever you need it.

GIS thesis/dissertation topic ideas

Coming up with great GIS thesis ideas or dissertation topics may be one of the biggest challenges for you at the beginning. This is when you will have a chance to check whether you have picked the right advisor, because the choice of a topic for your GIS thesis or dissertation should be a collaborative effort.

What we suggest you start with are various databases, where you can find past GIS theses and dissertations. It is an easy way to determine what GIS dissertation topic is worth investigating.

Ways to make your work on GIS theses/dissertations easier

Do not hesitate to use special dissertation software suitable for GIS research such as Geofacets and others. This software allows searching for data more quickly and spending time not on endless searching sessions, but on analyzing and evaluating materials for your GIS thesis/dissertation.

In our next article, you can find useful info about electronic theses and dissertations.