Research Papers on Bioinformatics: Biology and Computer Science?

Medical gloves in a laboratory.Yes, it sounds like an absolutely crazy combination, but this is exactly what bioinformatics is all about. It is a discipline that combines the studies of living systems with computer science and maths. In our modern world of technologies, this discipline has many applications and it is considered to be very useful.

What this means is that your research paper on bioinformatics can also make some useful contribution, at least, if you are good at this discipline. However, if bioinformatics is something you do not really get, preparing your research paper may turn into a trouble for you.

Anyway, we suppose there is not much you can do about the situation, and your research paper on bioinformatics should be finished anyway. Let us help you with this.

Topics for research papers on bioinformatics

The choice of a topic should depend solely on your background knowledge and understanding of various bioinformatics issues. Thus, topics for research papers on bioinformatics range from some general facts to such specific issues as:

  • bioinformatics databases;
  • molecular modeling;
  • data visualization;
  • DNA mapping, etc.

Useful tips for writing research papers on bioinformatics

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you about all peculiarities of writing good research papers on bioinformatics. However, we can share the main secrets of how to succeed with your project.

  1. Formulate the main point of your research paper on bioinformatics. Try to make it as specific and clear as possible.
  2. Take time to write a research paper abstract. It should briefly explain the main problem of your work, its importance, and methods used to solve it.
  3. Mind that tables and figures are the meat of your research paper on bioinformatics. Make sure all tables are accurate, are not overloaded with data, and present the results of your work clearly.

So, good luck with your research paper on bioinformatics!