GIS Research Paper: Getting It Done

GIS research paperTo write an appropriate research paper on GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and get a good grade, you should take care of both its content and proper organization.

This way you can ensure you meet high academic standards. In this article, we are going to share some advices on how to organize your GIS research paper. Particularly, we will talk about the parts of GIS research papers.

GIS research papers: introduction

This section of your GIS research paper states the aim of your study and its scopes. Every research has its own “place” in the context of science. So, you should describe this “place” by explaining the meaning of your GIS research paper in global, regional, and national levels. The introduction section present a kind of a “road map” of your study: state a thesis here, describe the general direction of your research, but do not be too specific.

GIS research papers: review

Describe how your problem evolved in the historical aspect. A brief literature review should be included. Make sure you mention in your GIS research paper major studies on the chosen topic, prominent opinions and gaps in the current research field.

GIS research papers: main part

As the name states, this is the core of your GIS research paper. Provide arguments that prove your thesis, some quantitative analysis may be required. Where suitable, include maps, tables, graphs, and other means of visualization to illustrate the key points of your studies.

But caution is advised! Maps and graphs are analytical tools and are to be included where it is appropriate. So, do not introduce them for the purpose of making a research paper on GIS more scientific or for show purposes.

GIS research papers: conclusion

This section provides the results of your research and work in general. Your task here is to restate your thesis, referring to the results of your study. Your GIS research paper may include some thoughts as to the further development of your subject. Suggestions on the future research should also be included. You can also mention the weaknesses of the methods used and point possible improvements that were beyond the scope of your paper.

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