Writing a Descriptive Essay

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A descriptive essay is a type of essay that provides a vivid description of a person, place, thing, object, experience, memory, etc. in the way the reader can easily get its physical realization.

The effect produced on the reader is achieved mainly through the author’s detailed descriptions and observations.

There are several methods one may choose to describe something descriptive essays:

  • usage of vivid, fresh and varied language
  • usage of bright examples
  • usage of interesting comparisons
  • usage of variety of terms
  • usage of images that appeal to senses
  • usage of senses
  • transition of something ordinary into extraordinary
  • effective usage of time
  • free play of feelings and emotions

Principles Of A Descriptive Essay

  • it makes clear dominant impression
  • it can be either objective or subjective
  • its purpose is to make the reader represent clearly the things being described

Points To Consider

  • stick to a clear structure of your descriptive essay, it should consist of introduction (working from general to specific, containing a thesis statement), main body (having several paragraphs in which your topic is described) and conclusion (in which you restate your thesis in other words and conclude your thoughts)
  • try to select some extraordinary traits of the subject described, pick something unusual to capture the reader’s attention
  • give as much details as possible, describe everything as if you hear and see it yourself
  • use the words that appeal to the reader’s senses
  • focus your descriptions on sight, sound, smell, touch and taste
  • firstly, plan your descriptive essay, then draft and revise it
  • move the reader through space and time chronologically
  • use a then-and-now approach to show things in their developing or fall

Be creative and don’t forget the basic rule of descriptive essays: SHOW, DON’T TELL!

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