Research Papers on Gun Violence: Searching for Causes

Research paper on gun violence.After the Columbine massacre, the President Bill Clinton said: “Perhaps we may never fully understand.” The words of the President George W. Bush after the mass shooting in Virginia Tech were “It’s impossible to make sense of such violence and suffering…”

Perhaps, after these horrible incidents, the entire American nation hoped that nothing like that would ever happen again. However, now, in 2009, mass shootings in America continue.

What does this terrible phenomenon tell about? What are its roots? Can the right to carry a gun be the main reason for gun violence? You will have to answer these questions in your research paper on gun violence.

The topic is rather controversial and writing gun violence research papers will not be that easy. This is why let us give you a couple of hints on how to make an effective research paper on gun violence.

Research papers on gun violence: hint #1

Avoid one mistake that many students tend to make when writing gun violence research papers. They start talking about gun control, its positive and negative sides. Sure, this issue can be touched upon in your research paper on gun violence. However, it should not be the focus of your work.

Research papers on gun violence: hint #2

Then, what should you concentrate on when writing your gun violence research paper? You have to search for the causes of this problem.

Probably, you have noticed that the problem of gun violence is typical for the United States. Cases of mass shootings are not reported in Europe, or Asia, or elsewhere in the world.

So, what is wrong with this country and its people? In your research paper on gun violence, you may discuss the following reasons:

  • Flaws in the criminal justice system;
  • Problems in families, single parent families;
  • Shortcomings of the public school system;
  • Problems of drug abuse.

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