Directional Essays: the Right Direction to Move in

directional essayDo you hear about a directional essay for the first time? Do you feel absolutely confused with this task? Well, it is not surprising, because most probably you were not attentive enough when a teacher was giving instructions to completing this task.

The thing is that the correct name of this type of work is a directional process essay. And here we are going to talk about some rules of writing a directional process essay properly.

First off, it is important to clarify what a directional essay is all about. In a few words, it is an essay that describes some process. It can be anything, starting from the process of cooking sushi to the digestive process in the human organism. Anyway, the topic of your directional essay will depend on teacher’s prompts.

Now, how does the process of writing directional essays look like? Use the following essay directions to get your paper done.

Directional essays: starting off

So, you have decided on some process to describe in your directional process essay. Do not hurry to dive into writing and answer some important questions first:

  • Why do you want to describe this process? Why is it important?
  • Who or what may affect this process?
  • Can this process be arranged in different ways?
  • Are there some special skills, equipment necessary for this process?, etc.

Directional essays: writing an introduction

In the introduction, you need to present some general facts about the process, explain why it is important, and write a thesis statement.

Directional essays: writing the body

In the body paragraphs, you will support the thesis and explain in details various stages of your process.

Directional essays: writing conclusions

Finally, sum everything up and draw together all the steps of the process you have discussed.

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