A Qualitative Research Proposal: Basic Steps to Take

Girl thinking about essay ideas.So, you have decided that qualitative or naturalistic research, as it is also called, is the most suitable for your study. If it is so, then do not waste time and get down to preparing a proposal in qualitative research. It might take a lot of time and efforts of yours. Thus, do not procrastinate.

Writing a qualitative research proposal for the first time might be really challenging. It is a good idea to start with checking several qualitative research proposal samples so that to get a general understanding of the task.

Below we have described the main steps one should take to prepare a qualitative research proposal. Anyway, after you finish reading this article, we advise you to talk to your instructor, get necessary specifications as to this work, and make sure that you will do everything correctly.

Qualitative research proposals: step 1

You will start with introducing the main question you address and intend to answer. Explain why you are interested in this question and why it should be answered.

Qualitative research proposals: step 2

Explaining a research paradigm is a necessary step to take if you expect the reader to get a general understanding of your topic. In a few words, tell what you expect to achieve while researching. You can use specific terms and language here.

Qualitative research proposals: step 3

Start describing your research methods. Tell what particular methods you are going to use (interviewing, ethnographic study, etc), how you are going to select participants (informants) for your research, etc.

Qualitative research proposals: step 4

Finally, you have to touch upon preliminary suppositions, biases you have. Basically, they are affected by your experiences, works of literature studied on the topic. You should provide details about that.

So, good luck with your qualitative research proposals. If you are stumped with a research question, we can help you with it too.