Guidelines for Creating a Thesis Methodology

Thesis methodology.Are you trying to create a worthwhile thesis methodology? Do you have many questions about a thesis methodology?

Then, this article is just what you need. Here, you will find some basic steps you need to take in order to create a thesis methodology. You can also find the information that should be included into this section.

Inform the reader about the kind of research you are going to conduct

Before you actually present the chosen research methods, you have to demonstrate your knowledge of the basic research types. So, tell whether you research is:

  • Qualitative (based on theories);
  • Quantitative (based on numbers);
  • Mixed (comprises the elements of both abovementioned types).

Present the chosen research methods

Do not write this part of the thesis methodology until your supervisor approves the chosen methods. You have to be absolutely sure that each method is applicable to your thesis topic.

Present the participants of your investigation

If you have to conduct an interview for your Sociology thesis, for example, introduce the interviewees in this part of your thesis methodology. If you have to write a thesis in Education and have to observe students in the classroom, students will be the participants of your investigation. Introduce them in your thesis methodology.

Describe the research procedure itself

Briefly describe what and how you are going to do during the investigation. This section of the thesis methodology is rather compulsory than optional.

Explain why the chosen research methods are effective

Why do you think the chosen methods will help you achieve the goals set? Give reasonable explanations in the thesis part called “Thesis Methods” or “Thesis Methodology.”

Follow the steps presented above to make your “Thesis Methods” or “Thesis Methodology” properly.

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