Making a Research Paper

Man writing research in notebook.

This article outlines the basic steps in making a research paper.

When you start making a research paper you should be ready for the painstaking process that requires your assiduous work over the task.

The positive attitude and trust in your own abilities to cope with the task is an integral part of your success.

Making a Research Paper: Choosing a Topic

Your enthusiasm about the topic determines much the general course of your research. With the interesting topic the time spins away and you do not notice when your research comes to its end. More criteria to be ruled by when choosing a topic are:

  • Its scientific value – analyze how your would-be research may contribute to the science;
  • Your abilities to cover the problem – foresee the materials you will need to disclose the topic and decide whether they are accessible. Also, decide whether you are competent enough to investigate the problem chosen.

Making Research Papers: Finding the Information

Handle all relevant sources at your disposal. Select the information that deserves your attention, resort to the reliable sources only. Write out the bibliographical information to use it when referencing the sources of your research paper

Making a Research Paper: Stating Your Thesis

Thesis is a one- or two – sentences long statement that presents the main idea of your research paper.

Making a Research Paper: Creating an Outline

Research paper outline is a paper that presents the general structure of the would-be research paper. This document is usually done for the writer only, but sometimes it happens that the tutor asks the student to submit the outline to see the objectives he or she sets. With a successfully created outline you will easily achieve the goals set in your research paper.

Making a Research Paper: Organizing Your Notes

Organize the information at your disposal according to your outline. Evaluate it critically and check its accuracy. Make sure the information you present is relevant and serves the purpose of your research.

Making a Research Paper: Writing the First Draft

Put your notes according to your outline. Mark somehow the points that need further discussion and interpretation.

Submit the paper and get the highest approval of your efforts!