Research Paper Organization: Things to Include and Exclude

research paper organizationStudents are very busy people, and some of them tend to forget even the most essential things, for instance, the rules of research paper organization.

It seems like you remember about all necessary components of a research paper. However, at times, some unnecessary details appear in a chapter, and this affects your grades negatively.

Thus, let us remind you everything about the correct organization of a research paper and each particular chapter.

Research paper organization: introduction

This part of your project serves three major purposes: introduces a certain field of study, narrows down your focus, and describes a hypothesis. The rules of research paper organization say that you should include important terms and a couple of key works related to your topic. Discussion of literature and additional details about your study should be excluded from this part.

Research paper organization: methods

Introduce the methods of collecting and analyzing data used. Include information about the chosen tools, some important figures, and statistics. According to the requirements of research paper organization, this part of your project should not include any results of your research.

Research paper organization: results

This chapter gives a summary of your findings. Here, you may include everything related to what you have discovered, some figures, and tables. Yet, make sure that you do not overuse figures and do not repeat the same information.

Research paper organization: discussion

This part of your project introduces the interpretation of the results obtained. Research paper organization requires you to explain the significance of your findings here and make conclusions. Any new information should not be introduced in this chapter.

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