Walker Percy Essays: Existential Questioning and Semiotics

Walker Percy Marker

Walker Percy’s works, specifically the ones related to semiotics and existentialism, have greatly contributed to science and philosophy. These nonfiction works reflect his understanding of the world and life philosophy.

Pertaining to semiotics, particular attention can be paid to Percy’s The Message in the Bottle, a great collection on works on semiotics issued in 1975. In their Walker Percy essay, students can analyze these works because the collection has enough issues for discussion.

Which problems can be analyzed in a Walker Percy essay in terms of semiotics?

Walker Percy essay: The Delta Factor

This is the first essay of the collection that posits the general themes and problems of the entire work. In this particular work, the author dwells on the imperfection of our world where there is no smooth transition between the modern age and the new age period. In your Walker Percy essay, you should interpret this problem in your own way.

Walker Percy essay: Metaphor as Mistake

When writing a Walker Percy essay on this topic, you can dwell on the inappropriateness of comparing things with other objects that do not actually resemble those things. According to this assumption, metaphors distort the genuine nature of things. This is a great topic to be discussed in your Walker Percy essay.

Walker Percy essay: The Message in the Bottle

This essay is an author’s attempt to split information into two groups: news and knowledge where the former is connected immediately and directly with our life whereas the latter is appropriate to science, the arts, and psychology. Your Walker Percy essay can present a confrontation of those categories.

This is the analysis of some essays of Walker Percy. But you are free to choose other works to consider them in your Walker Percy essay.