Research Paper Presentation

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Research paper presentation is a procedure of public presenting the results of some scientific investigation with the purpose of getting recognition for the achievements which may be presented in various ways.

As the most common type of research paper presentation is an oral one, this article proposes you useful research paper makin’ tips for preparing to such a presentation.

First of all we suggest that you should be morally ready for the presentation. Sleepless nights won’t help, shivering in front of the committee won’t contribute to your success.

You should realize that spending so many hours preparing your research and the fact that you have approached to the day of your research paper presentation make you an expert in the field you are going to talk about.

The next aspect of your preparation should be setting an outline of your preparation. This should include introduction where you give a general overview of the work done. Mind that your introduction of the paper will give the first and, sometimes, the most important impression of your paper. Make sure it is the most appropriate one.

Next comes problem statement. After outlining your paper you should present precisely the problem of your research paper. Do it in such a way so that the audience clearly understood your message.

Then you should talk about existing solutions and their criticism. Inform the listeners about the research in your field which were made by your predecessors. State how your research paper is connected with them.

Then propose your own original solution to the problem, explain why you consider it to be more effective than others. Advertise your research, give concrete arguments proving its significance.

Then comes the most important part of your research paper presentation – you suggest the audience a thorough analysis of your work. Speak here about the contribution your research paper has made to the development of the problem’s study. Say who will benefit from its results and analyze newly open problems.

Don’t forget to give references to all sources that you used while conducting the research.

Research Papers Presentation: Points To Consider

  • your presentation shouldn’t exceed 12 minutes in length
  • use slides, overheads, graphs, charts to make your research paper presentation more convincing
  • have copies of a printed version of your paper and the necessary material to distribute them to the audience.
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