Thesis Presentation Requirements

Student makin presentation in laptop and drinking tea

There are several strict requirements for thesis presentation.

We will name all of them and try to explain the difficulties.

Thesis papers is normally presented in a printed form.

There are the following requirements to the printed thesis presentation:

  • In printed thesis paper you should use a 12 pitch front on A4 paper. You should print your thesis paper on both sides of the paper with 1.5 spacing.
  • Quote and notes, which were used in your thesis presentation, should be printed in single spacing.
  • You should separate the footnotes from the general text by a black line.
  • There should be at least 3.5cm space on the left side of the paper between the main text and the margins.

You also have to do at least 3 copies of your thesis presentation, for two readers and for the faculty.

The contextual statement of your theses papers should indicate:

  • The main goals of your research;
  • A brief summary of your research and its description.

The thesis presentation has to be presented clearly and logically. You should develop the thesis topic gradually in your thesis paper; your statements should glide into the justified results. By the way, as to results, – you had better support it with examples or references to some sources.

Otherwise they would be uncertain, and your theses presentation will become less valuable.

You should tell about your own researches in your thesis paper, not only to mention some outside discoveries. But as it is impossible to do without the outside help while preparing to your thesis presentation, you should mention all the sources which were used for your thesis paper preparation.

At the end, you have to make a conclusion, basing on your and outside researches.

You may need an additional help while preparing your thesis presentation. In this case you should ask for advice from your tutor, who will check your thesis paper, show your mistakes and help you to correct them.

If you have some problems with organizing your thesis paper, he or she will help you to put your thoughts in the right order. You should consult him/her all the time while you are writing your thesis paper and preparing for the thesis presentation.