A Thesis Subject: How to Choose

research paper topicsThesis writing is a very complex assignment. It can be considered the highest point of your academic career.

Mostly, supervisors provide students with thesis subjects to ensure that they are valid and worth researching. But sometimes, our professors try to meet your interests and give you an opportunity to choose a thesis subject that is really interesting for you to study.

This article is written for those who have this freedom of choice but cannot come up with a thesis subject.

Thesis subjects: (In)formal requirements

So, you are to select a subject for your thesis and do not know how to do it. Do not worry, since there are several requirements that can help you make this choice.

  • First, your thesis subject should be related to your course. This narrows down your search greatly.
  • Second, you should sit for a while and think about the following: which of the fields are close to you. You have to be confident enough in your knowledge of the chosen research field. Though, no one expects you to be a real expert.
  • Finally (which is of great importance), it should be interesting for you to research this thesis subject. Think of an interesting case, a gap in current researches that are interesting to consider. Maybe, you do not know something and want to learn more about it.

Thesis subjects: Practical advices

There are also some practical advices for you to ensure the process of selecting a thesis subject runs smoothly.

  • Make a list of questions that make you feel curious.
  • Check the items of this list for validity. Remember that a thesis subject should be “spacious” enough to be researched. What will do for an ordinary research paper topic will not work for such complex assignment as a thesis.
  • Make sure the selected topic is covered in accessible literature sources.
  • Finally, visit your professor and show him/her the selected thesis subject or the list itself. He/she will definitely help you choose the right thesis subject.