A Networking Thesis: Possible Topics and Free Recommendations

Network thesisYou have signed up for writing a thesis in networking. Well, this is great, because you are going to deal with up-to-date and rather interesting issues related to Internet technologies and their further development.

Since you are standing at the very beginning of a long and difficult way called “writing a thesis on networks”, you definitely have hundreds of questions and points that you want to clarify.

We are ready to answer some the most important questions right now, give useful recommendations on how to write a network thesis, and share some topic ideas.

What is the main purpose of writing networking theses?

We are not talking about possible research objectives right now; you will define them a bit later. The very first thing you need to know is your major purpose of creating this project. You will have two main purposes:

  • to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of networking technologies and Internet;
  • to demonstrate your ability to solve practical problems.

What basic steps will you have to take to complete your networking thesis?

Probably, your thesis adviser has already explained you something about the main stages of the process of writing networking theses. We also want to share additional details about some basic steps of networking thesis writing.

  1. Start with accumulating background info, learning more about previous research.
  2. Define the problem you want to solve, think whether enough literature is available, and develop possible solutions.
  3. Make a prototype in C++ or Java;
  4. Check how your prototype works and analyze its performance.

What topics will perfectly suit your networking thesis?

Sure, topics related to the future of network technologies and Internet are the best for a thesis in networking. Here are a couple of ideas for you:

  • Next generation Internet
  • Wireless network technologies
  • Extreme networking
  • Survivable networking

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