Literature Review: How to Start Writing?

thesis questionnaireMaking a thesis questionnaire is one more way to collect data for your project. It is not a very difficult stage of the writing and research processes. However, you should definitely know some peculiarities of preparing thesis questionnaires. This is what you will find in this article.

Before you start working on a questionnaire for the thesis, consult your advisor. Do you really need to use this way of collecting data? Will it bring necessary results? After you finish your thesis questionnaire, better show it to the advisor as well. He/she will tell whether you have organized everything properly.

Here are some general guidelines on how to make a thesis questionnaire.

  1. Decide on the participants of your thesis questionnaire. People of what age, gender, and ethnicity should answer your questions? Or, probably, it will not have a significant impact on the results.
  2. Take time to arrange your thesis questionnaire properly. Think about every question you include into it. Formulate questions in a clear and precise fashion. Do not make participants of your survey confused. Keep in mind that people should not spend too much time answering your thesis questionnaire. It should take them 5-10 minutes to answer all questions.
  3. We advise you use student forums in order to find participants for your thesis questionnaire. Do not forget to introduce yourself and your project. Briefly explain what it is all about and why this questionnaire is important. Send your thesis questionnaire via e-mail to all people who agreed to answer your questions.

Finally, there is one more hint that we have for you – mind the language that you use in your questionnaire. It should not be sexist or offensive.

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