A Thesis Title: How to Create One

thesis titleSome people believe that a name plays an important role in the life of any person and can even affect his/her destiny.

We do not know for sure whether it is really so, but we are 100% sure that the “name” or the title of your thesis will be extremely important for your project. Let us give you more explanations about thesis titles and some recommendations on how to make a good one.

Why is a thesis title so important?

Needless to say, an effective thesis title is the first thing in your project that will grab the reader’s attention. Either it will make the reader interested in reading your thesis paper or the reader will decide not to waste time on studying your thesis.

However, a good thesis title is important not only to catch the reader’s attention. You know that theses and dissertations are published in the UMI dissertation database so that other scholars could find and read them. Thesis titles and abstracts are the main criteria readers use to choose a certain work.

When is it better to create a thesis title?

Actually, the choice is up to you. Some students prefer to make a thesis title after the rest of the project is finished. Others do it at the very beginning, and a thesis title “guides” the whole work. Anyway, you should keep in mind one rule about a good thesis title. It should reflect the content of your work.

And do not confuse it with a thesis topic. A thesis title should introduce your topic in one sentence.

How should a thesis title look like?

Very often, thesis titles are split into two parts. The first part gives a sort of summary of your work. Then, you put a colon and make the second part, which gives some details about your thesis.

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