A Thesis Adviser in Different Roles

Thesis adviser.You will need a good and timely thesis advice on every stage of the writing and researching processes. What kind of thesis advice and the overall success of your project significantly depend on the chosen thesis adviser.

For many students, thesis writing experience was poor and ineffective exactly because of the wrongly selected thesis adviser.

There are a lot of professors in your faculty. All of them are knowledgeable and experienced in various fields. Who exactly will be a good thesis adviser for you?

What we recommend you do is talk to senior students who are already working on their projects. Listen to their experiences and draw your conclusions.

Here we have described several roles that a good thesis adviser plays. Before you make the final decision, think whether the professor you have chosen will be able to play all of them.

A thesis adviser in the role of an expert

Sure, the main role your advisor should play is an expert in your topic. He/she should be aware of the latest news related to your topic, help you with sources, and help to decide whether some ideas of yours are worth researching.

A thesis adviser in the role of a critic

It is very important to hear reasonable critique from your adviser. It encourages you to think deeper and conduct deeper research if necessary.

A thesis adviser in the role of a motivator

Your adviser should help you stay motivated by giving smaller tasks and setting deadlines for them.

A thesis adviser in the role of an editor

We do not mean that thesis advisers are responsible for editing projects of their students. However, they should help with some mechanics of writing, help make some improvements.

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