Thesis PowerPoint Presentation: Basic Recommendations

Thesis powerpoint presentation.Making a thesis PowerPoint presentation is one of the effective ways to present your project during the defense. Usually, thesis PowerPoint presentations make the whole process less boring and less scary (for a student) and lead to a successful defense.

However, if you are not experienced enough in making PowerPoint presentations, you might get into troubles. Not very serious, definitely, but a poor thesis PowerPoint presentation will spoil your defense and results.

This is why we are glad to share some useful pieces of advice on how to make successful thesis PowerPoint presentations.

The main rules to keep in mind about your thesis PowerPoint presentation

Always keep in mind your major mission – to present your project. Thus, focus on WHAT you are presenting and not on HOW you are doing that.

Do not just read the slides during your thesis PowerPoint presentation. Members of the committee can read as well. They are interested in your understanding of the covered topic.

Do not try to “hide” behind your thesis PowerPoint presentation. The committee wants to see real you, your knowledge, and talents.

Finally, do not forget that PowerPoint slides are not the presentation itself but just media that should help to make your presentation effective.

Several recommendations for making your thesis PowerPoint presentation

  • Choose one or two types of font and use them throughout the presentation. Make sure they are clear and easy to read. Better use Roman and Gothic typefaces.
  • Font size should not be smaller than 22 pt. For headings, you may use 28 pt.
  • Do not put too much text, since this makes it hard to read.
  • Use capital letters if you want to emphasize something in your thesis PowerPoint presentation. Italics can be used for quotations, book and magazine titles.

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